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Chengdu customers inquire about the insulation of high-voltage cables

Customers from Chengdu medical device manufacturers call our company and want to know about the insulation of high-voltage cables. Let’s briefly introduce the insulation of high-voltage cables.
In medical situations, high-voltage cables connect the bulb and the generator, and deliver the high voltage generated by the bulb to the X-ray machine. The high-voltage cable is the core component of the X-ray machine.
High-voltage cables are divided into 75KV and 9OKV according to the withstand voltage. According to the arrangement of the core line, there are two types of coaxial and non-coaxial. One of the properties of its high-voltage cable is its good insulation performance.
The insulation performance of high-voltage cable accessories should not be lower than that of the cable body, and the dielectric loss of the insulating material used should be low. Structurally, the sudden changes of the electric field in the cable accessories can be perfectly handled, and there are measures to change the distribution of the electric field.
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