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Common failures of X-ray machine high-voltage cable breakdown

The breakdown of high-voltage cables of X-ray machines is a common fault, and the faults mostly occur near the plugs of high-voltage cables of X-ray machines.
The main reasons are 1. The hospital’s X-ray machine configuration is low, and there are many high-voltage primary without thyristor zero-phase closing devices. The high-voltage primary relay arc extinguishing device is not good, which is prone to arc surge, and the high-voltage secondary voltage suddenly rises and is easy to hit Wear high-voltage cables for X-ray machines. 2. When installing the X-ray machine, the production, installation and connection of the ground wire are ignored. Most of them are simple ground wire connection devices. After a long time, poor contact often causes leakage. It is unsafe. The secondary center shaft of the high-voltage transformer is grounded. Normally The voltage that each high-voltage cable bears is only half of the total secondary voltage. If the grounding is not good or disconnected, the voltage of each X-ray machine high-voltage cable is the total voltage of the secondary, which is twice the voltage of the normal high-voltage cable, and it is easy to break down the high-voltage cable. 3. Over time, the cable is aging, the X-ray head rotates back and forth, the insulation layer of the high-voltage cable is cracked, and it is easy to cause cable breakdown.
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