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Maintenance of high-voltage cables for X-ray machine parts

When we are using X-ray machines, we need to pay attention to the use and maintenance of various parts.
1. Keep high-voltage cables clean and avoid damp, heat, pressure and excessive bending. Moisture will cause moisture to penetrate into the interior and reduce the insulation strength, which may cause breakdown; heat will easily absorb moisture and expand and deform; compression and excessive bending may cause damage to the cable. Generally speaking, the bending radius of the cable should be larger than 30cm. Otherwise, on the one hand, it is easy to break the core wire, and on the other hand, the electric charge formed between the core wire and the metal mesh at the bend is relatively concentrated and it is easy to be broken down.
2. Avoid the transformer oil from corroding the cable, because the transformer oil has a strong corrosive effect on the rubber.
3. The X-ray tube sleeve is grounded through the metal shielding net of the high-voltage cable, so you should always check whether the plug fixing rings at both ends of the cable are tightened. If there is creaking static discharge sound, check here first.
4. Pay attention to whether there is any filler in the cable end of the X-ray tube that flows out due to heating. If this is the case, people usually perform dental X-ray inspections at least every two years. Phenomenon should be dealt with in time.

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