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Customer inquiries about high-voltage cables for CT

High-voltage cable is a type of power cable, which refers to a power cable used to transmit between 1kv and 1000kv, and is mostly used for power transmission and distribution. The components of a high-voltage cable from the inside to the outside include: conductor, insulation, inner sheath, filler (armor), and outer insulation. Of course, armored high-voltage cables are mainly used for underground burying, which can resist high-intensity compression on the ground and prevent damage from other external forces. This product is suitable for AC rated voltage 35KV and below for power transmission and distribution. The maximum long-term working temperature of the high-voltage cable conductor is 90 degrees. When short-circuited (the longest time does not exceed 5S), the maximum temperature of the cable conductor does not exceed 250 degrees. .
The inquiry I received was that the customer asked about the high-voltage cable for CT, which can withstand the high voltage of 160KV, and the cable length includes the interface. Then I asked the customer whether the tube voltage is 150KV, and the customer said yes. So I recommended the 90KV high-voltage cable to the customer and quoted the price. Then the customer asked to customize a 1.4m high-voltage cable. I replied that the length of the cable was too short and I didn’t know if it could be done. I had to ask the manager for instructions. After I was sure I could do it, I gave the customer a reply. After m, a contract was made for the customer.
The main characteristics of the high-voltage cables produced by Newheek are:
For medical applications, such as X-ray machines, DR, CT, etc.
Used to connect X-ray tube and high voltage generator.
Can be customized to suit different applications.
Two connection methods of straight elbow are available.
The length of the high-voltage cable can be customized.
High-voltage cable accessories can be ordered separately.


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