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High-voltage cable is broken down

The high-voltage cable was broken down after a few months of use. Each component of this customer was purchased in batches from different companies. When the high-voltage generator was exposed for a period of time, the host displayed error 13 code [exposure current too large], and accompanied by The electric fuse of the input power source is blown, and a high-voltage cable of the cathode or anode is broken down.
This machine is a high-frequency X-ray machine powered by AC 380 volts, based on the principle of generating high-voltage X-rays: AC 380 volts are output after rectified waves; DC voltage is about 560 volts, as the X-ray machine’s thyristor inverse The input voltage of the transformer.
After replacing the insurance and high-voltage cables, there is no display error in the exposure and the sampled value is also displayed correctly. But in order to avoid similar things in the future, we decided to explore the root cause of the problem: the key reason for the breakdown of the high-voltage cable is that the high voltage at both ends far exceeds the rated withstand voltage of the high-voltage power, and the reason is the inductance outside the high-voltage generator and the fuel tank. The internal capacitance cannot be matched, which in turn changes the natural frequency, causing the output power in the high-voltage generator to exceed the standard and the operating voltage to increase.
Therefore, be sure to choose the appropriate high-voltage cables and other parts when purchasing to avoid similar problems.


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