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Customers purchase high-voltage cables for experimental testing

High-voltage cables are a kind of connecting parts and are commonly used parts. Recently, some customers wanted to purchase high-voltage cables. Customers said that they wanted to purchase high-voltage cables for testing and testing. When they saw that our high-voltage cable specifications and models were all in line, they wanted to know.
When we use high-voltage cables, first remove the anode and cathode high-voltage cable heads at the high-voltage cable tube, and hang them in the air and the high-voltage cable heads cannot be aligned with the metal, otherwise high-voltage discharge will occur. It is worth noting that the cathode must be removed. If the anode is unwound and the cathode is not unwound, the filament will be on when the anode is applied with high voltage, and electrons will be emitted to bombard the anode target surface, causing the anode target surface to be broken down or the high-voltage cable locally melted.
After getting to know our customers, they feel that our high-voltage cables are very suitable for their use, so they signed an order contract for high-voltage cables with us. Customers with similar needs can call to purchase high-voltage cables.

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