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Customers want to purchase DC high-voltage cables

I recently received a call from a customer saying that they want to buy our DC high-voltage cable, and I replied to the customer that we have two types of DC high-voltage cables, 75KV and 90KV products. I first sent the past information to the customer, and then asked the customer how many they need to buy. The customer said that he wanted to buy five and try it out before considering whether to buy more products. The general DC high-voltage cables are used for electrostatic painting and electrostatic painting. Do power lead wires in ore dressing, static flocking and other low-current and high-voltage DC devices. High-voltage cables for different purposes use different materials, but the cores are all copper or aluminum. Aluminum is the most widely used now, and copper is more expensive. In order to make the product use for a longer time, some things need to be paid attention to in daily life.

DC high voltage cables

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