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Customized X-ray high voltage cable on CT equipment

Recently, a customer consulted about 75KV X-ray high-voltage cables, which are used by foreign customers for CT, and asked whether our company’s X-ray high-voltage cables have undergone a rocking/twist test? They told me that they have not. The demand for high-voltage cables is gradually increasing, and partners need to develop together, mainly producing connectors for medical products. At present, high-voltage wires for X-ray high-voltage cables are not available in the factory. Ask about the high-voltage wires of 75KV X-ray high-voltage cables produced by our company , If the swing/torsion test is done according to the figure, the life expectancy is 10W times. Please help evaluate: 1. Whether the existing X-ray high-voltage cable products can meet the requirements; 2. If the existing X-ray high-voltage cable products do not meet the swing/torsion life requirements, whether there is a suitable X-ray high-voltage cable program. It is told that the swing/torsion test of X-ray high-voltage cables can only be done by themselves after they purchase the samples, we cannot do it.
The customer asked if the existing X-ray high-voltage cable could not meet the requirements, can the swing performance of the X-ray high-voltage cable be improved according to their requirements? Telling this can only be done after they have tested it, and after the relevant data is available, we will communicate how to improve the X-ray high-voltage cable.
In addition, our company specializes in the production of various vertical and mobile chest film racks, and various types of X-ray machine parts. If you have similar projects, please call to discuss.


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