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The cause of the damage to the high voltage cable

High voltage cable is an important component of X-ray machines. In large and medium-sized X-ray machines, the high-voltage generator is connected with the X-ray tube, and the high-pressure generated by the high-voltage generator is transported to the two stages of the X-ray tube.

The High voltage cable in the use of X-ray machines is easy to be broken down and damaged, and the repair is also difficult to master. To this end, Newheek summarized the reasons for the failure of High voltage cable as follows

(1) due to long-term dampness or ultraviolet irradiation, rubber aging and lower insulation strength, resulting in breakdown.

(2) the quality of High voltage cable itself is poor, the thickness around the rubber layer and the conductor is uneven, the accidental damage caused by cutting during assembly, the rubber burns during welding, the discharge caused by incomplete cleaning surface, and the welding defects between the conductor and the core and high voltage connector

(3) low insulation strength of filling agent for perfusion, resulting in breakdown.

(4) it is often twisted, hard folded or stressed to break the insulation cracks.

In view of the reasons for the damage of the above high voltage cable, some matters should be paid attention to during the maintenance of High voltage cable and methods to prevent further damage in the future.

Newheek high voltage cable is divided into several types, which can be used for medical or industrial purposes. Medical High voltage cable is divided into 75KV and 90KV.

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