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Distributor in Panama ordered our high voltage cables

A customer from Panama saw on the website that our high-voltage cables can replace Claymount. He was very interested in our products and hoped to know the specific information and quotation of high-voltage cables.
The client is a distributor for export throughout the American continent for use in X-ray machines. The other party needs a 40-meter 75KV cable. Because the length is relatively long, it needs to be customized. We ask the customer whether they want a 40-meter pure cable or a 40-meter plug. The customer replied that the pure line is 40 meters long. In addition, we also confirmed with the customer whether to have a straight head or an elbow. The customer indicated that a straight cable is required. We sent the product information and quotation of the cable to the customer. After the other party communicated with the end customer, they expressed that they met their requirements and decided to purchase from our company. Paid in full the next day.
Our high-voltage cables have strong high-voltage resistance, can withstand high-voltage currents, can work in high-voltage environments, and have high tolerance and anti-interference capabilities. Long service life, made of high-quality materials, has a long service life, and is not easy to age, corrode and damage. The voltage drop is less, the cross-sectional area of the conductor is large, and the resistance is small, so the voltage drop is less, and the drop is smaller than that of the wire. The line loss is small, because the copper core inside the cable can transmit a larger current, so the line loss is small, and the energy saving effect is remarkable. Lightning protection and anti-interference are strong, and the high-voltage cables are made of special materials, which can resist lightning interference and electromagnetic interference, and ensure stable power supply. Easy to install, the length of the high-voltage cable can be customized according to the needs, the installation process is simple, not limited by the site, and easy to maintain and manage. It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for various equipment and systems, such as power plants, transmission lines, highway lighting, etc.
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