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What are the common faults of high-voltage cables?

Common faults of high-voltage cables in X-ray machines include:
Wear or damage: Prolonged use or mechanical stress during use can cause the cable’s outer insulation to wear or become damaged, causing the cable to disconnect or current to leak.
Aging of internal insulation: After long-term use, the insulation material inside the high-voltage cable may age, become brittle and hard, and prone to insulation breakdown, resulting in current leakage or short circuit.
External environmental factors: Humidity, temperature and chemicals in the environment where the X-ray machine is used may cause damage to the cable. For example, high-temperature environments may soften cable insulation materials, causing insulation breakdown.
Connection problems: The connections of high-voltage cables may be loose, poorly contacted, or incorrectly connected, causing current transmission to be blocked or leaked.
Broken internal metal wires: In some cases, the metal wires inside a high-voltage cable can break, causing interruptions in current transmission or leakage.
In order to avoid these failures, it is necessary to regularly check the appearance and connection status of the cables and ensure correct use and maintenance. If any problems are found, repair measures should be taken immediately to ensure the normal operation and safe use of the X-ray machine. Periodic insulation testing is also recommended to detect any insulation aging or breakdown.
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