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Do you know all these knowledge about high voltage cables?

high-voltage cableThe two-phase or three-phase electricity we use now was invented in the early 1920s, and aluminum wire was used as a cheap substitute for copper wire in the 1960s. , if it cannot be properly paved, its safety cannot be guaranteed.
Modern high-voltage cables come in various sizes and materials, and can be suitable for various purposes. For example, our high-voltage generators have special high-voltage cables. High-voltage cables are mainly composed of three parts: conductors (usually aluminum or copper wires), insulation, and protective sheaths. And each high-voltage cable is made of different materials because of its different usage scenarios.
When the bearing voltage exceeds 2000V, we generally call it a high-voltage cable. In a high-voltage cable, there will be a thicker current-carrying conductor in the center, and a small conductor on the outside to balance the voltage stress as a shielding layer.
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