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How high voltage power supplies work

The DC high voltage generator adopts the intermediate frequency rectification and filtering technology, which solves the shortcomings of the large ripple coefficient and the unstable waveform of the power frequency DC high voltage generator.

The intelligent DC high-voltage generator applies a new generation of PWM high-frequency pulse width modulation technology, adopts high-end intermediate frequency voltage multiplier circuit, high-performance closed-loop adjustment, high-voltage large feedback, which greatly further improves the voltage stability. According to the national standard of “General Technical Conditions for Portable DC High Voltage Generators” (ZGF24003-90), on the basis of the original DC high voltage generator, it conforms to the principle of the electromagnetic compatibility theory of the daily line, and adopts the principle of special shielding, isolation and grounding measures in the national standard method. and method, using high-power devices with better performance and their driving technology, modern electronic high-tech chips, intelligent operation, is an intelligent DC high-voltage generator that is more truly intelligent, portable, and further expands the range of withstand voltage without damage.high-voltage cable

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