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Do you know the insulation paper of the high voltage cable?

The insulation resistance of high voltage cable, 10kV with length of 500m and below, is measured by 2500V. When the high voltage cable temperature is +20°C, the value should not be lower than 400MΩ. The value of the high voltage cable varies with the temperature and length of the high voltage cable.

  For comparison, it should be converted to 20 °C, generally expressed in terms of resistance per kilometer, ie: R20 = Rt × Kt × L in the formula R20 – at 20 ° C, MΩ / KM per kilometer high voltage cable; The insulation resistance of Rt-L length cable at t °C, MΩ; L-cable length, Km; Kt-, the coefficient of 1.0 at 20 °C. Good (qualified) insulation resistance is usually very high, the lowest value can be specified: new cable, insulation resistance of each core to the outer skin (resistance per kilometer at 20 ° C), 6KV and above should be no less than 100MΩ , 1 to 3KV should be no less than 50MΩ.
Attachment: Cable temperature: 0°C 5°C 10°C 15°C 20°C 25°C 30°C 35°C 40°C
Kt : 0.48 0.57 0.70 0.85 1.0 1.13 1.41 1.66 1.92

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