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High voltage cable quality inspection

High voltage cable is an important part of the X-ray machine, connected to the ball tube and generator.However, in actual use, how to judge the high voltage breakdown of the X-ray machine’s high voltage cable and the reduction of the vacuum degree of the bulb tube? Therefore, Newheek carried out the practice.
First put the ball in the anode and the cathode cable head, hanging in the air and cable head cannot alignment metal can produce high voltage discharge, otherwise it is worth noting that the cathode must solve, after off if anode cathode unsolved, add high voltage anode filament light, electron bombardment will launch the anode target surface, anode target surface is punctured or partial melting.Under the condition of 75kV, high-voltage power supply test is carried out to observe whether the milliammeter has an index. Full deviation confirms the breakdown of the cable, or pull out the anode high-voltage cable from the high-voltage generator.
High voltage cable quality inspection
Connect the switch gate with the ball tube to the perspective part, and the host chooses to work in the perspective part.At this time, the cathode high voltage cable can be detected. KV selects 45kV ~ 60kV, and press the exposure switch. If the milliampere indicator is too large (> 30mA), the cable breakdown will be proved.When the above actions are repeated, several pile heads of the cable head should be discharged separately, because there is cold and high pressure in the cathode.,
Newheek high voltage cable is divided into 75KV and 90KV, respectively, suitable for different types of X-ray machine.
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