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Gabon customer inquiries about high voltage cables

Today, Gabon customers saw high-voltage cables made in China and contacted us. After communication with the customer, I learned that the customer needs 2 high-voltage cables, which are used for replacement and maintenance. The model is 75kV and 6 meters. High-voltage cables are generally used in medical applications, such as X-ray machines, DR, CT, etc.; used to connect X-ray tubes and high-voltage generators; can be customized to suit different applications; two connection methods of straight and elbow are available; Lengths can be customized; and cable accessories can also be ordered separately! Our high voltage cables mainly have two voltages: 75 kV and 90 kV, and the corresponding bulb voltages are 125 kV and 150 kV.
If you also want to buy high voltage cables and their accessories, please contact us, our phone number is +8617616362243!


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