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High tension cable 2mt causes damage

High tension cable 2mt is an important part of X-ray machines. According to different types of X-ray machines, it is suitable for high voltage cables of different KV and lengths. However, high tension cable 2mt often has some glitches during its use.
High tension cable 2mt causes damage
(1) long-term damp or long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation and other causes of rubber aging, insulation strength reduction caused by breakdown.
(2) poor quality of high voltage cable, uneven thickness between rubber layer and core wire.
(3) often twist, hard break or weight, so that the insulation layer crack damage and breakdown.
(4) no surge resistance or surge resistance damage, and self-rectifying X-ray machine high voltage cable easy breakdown.
(5) the rectifier tube leakage, leakage short circuit and breakdown.
(6) corroded by gasoline and transformer oil, rubber expands and insulation degree decreases.
High tension cable 2mt has been improved to avoid high voltage cable failures.
Newheek high tension cable 2mt caters to your specific needs.

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