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High tension cable 5mt maintenance and repair

The high tension cable 5mt in the use of X-ray machines is often twisted easily to breakdown damage, repair is also more difficult to grasp. We have summarized some reasons for the damage of the high tension cable 5mt. One is that the long-term dampness or ultraviolet irradiation of the high tension cable and other reasons make the rubber aging and lower insulation strength, resulting in breakdown.The other is the poor quality of high tension cable 5mt, uneven thickness around the rubber layer and core wire, careless cutting damage during assembly, burns on rubber during welding, discharge caused by incomplete cleaning surface, poor welding of core wire and plug, etc. Thirdly, the filling agent of perfusion has low insulation strength, resulting in breakdown.
Fourth, the high tension cable 5mt often twisted, hard broken or heavy, so that the insulation cracks were damaged and broken.Fifth, there is no sudden wave resistance or sudden wave resistance damage, and self-rectified X-ray machine high-voltage cable easy to breakdown.
Newheek summed up the improvement of the high tension cable 5mt. First, the insulation rubber layer and the inner wall of the cable plug should be cleaned without any dirt, and the possible moisture should be removed with an electric hair dryer before welding. Secondly, avoid the damage and deformation of insulating rubber or plastics caused by over-temperature filler. Avoid the hard bending and heavy pressure of the high tension cable 5mt. When hanging the high tension cable 5mt, use the curved ring trough hanger. Do not directly hang on the hook or use the method of binding.
The Newheek high tension cable 5mt is divided into 75KV and 90KV.
high tension cable 5mt

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