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High voltage cable connector insulation

The high-voltage cable is mainly connected to the ball tube of X-ray machine and high-voltage generator. The joints of high voltage cables are filled with insulating silicone grease. The function of filling insulating silicone grease is insulation, creepage resistance, lubrication and moisture-proof sealing.

When making the cable connector, the silicone grease lubrication interface is used to facilitate the installation. At the same time, the air gap of the interface can be filled to eliminate corona and isolate dust, so as to avoid short circuit caused by dust entering.

The silicone grease applied to high voltage cables has the following advantages,

1. Excellent electrical insulation and chemical stability.

2. Wide temperature operation range, the consistency changes little with temperature and never solidifies.

3. Excellent lubricity and sealing performance, good compatibility with most plastics and rubber.

4. Excellent water resistance, weather aging resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance, long service life.usage method,

Clean the surface and evenly apply the insulating silicone grease to the surface of the insulation layer with injection gun, brush or plastic rod.

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