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75KV high voltage cable

There are Brazilian customers consulting our high-voltage cable, told us that the high-voltage cable is divided into 75KV high voltage cable and 90KV high voltage cable two kinds. The customer inquired about 75KV high voltage cable. Our high-voltage cables are mainly used in X-ray machines, DR, CT, etc. the main function is to send the high-voltage output from the high-voltage generator to the two poles of the X-ray tube, and send the filament heating voltage to the X-ray tube.
Customers also require the parts of cable plug, cable plug body three tailpipe four nuts two. Tell the customer that if they are disassembled and purchased in this way, the remaining parts can not be assembled. It’s better to match them. Later, the customer bought two 30 meters of 75KV high voltage cable and three cable plugs. After receiving the goods, the customers are very satisfied with the quality of our products and the price.
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