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High-voltage cable has a good reputation

Johnson said in his speech that he consulted “all four entities in politics and the United Kingdom” and his plan reached “a general consensus on what we can do.”

But Scottish Chief Minister Nicola Sturgeon said after Johnson’s speech that she thinks the prime minister should “resolutely” emphasize that most of the unblocking measures he mentioned in his speech only apply to England.

The British Prime Minister issued a new message “Stay vigilant, control the virus and save lives” in England, but Sturgeon said that it is not currently applicable to Scotland.

The Northern Ireland government will meet on Monday (May 11) to “discuss the adoption of a phased strategic restart plan.”

Welsh Health Minister Vaughan Gething also said that Johnson ’s new information was not based on the “quartet agreement”, and Wales ’s proposal to implement “stay at home” has not changed.

The Government of England enacted measures in Westminster, but Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland had the right to issue their own embargo measures. Although leaders expressed their desire to integrate anti-epidemic measures, they may do so at different speeds.

The government ’s previous guidelines stated that the people of England can only leave home once a day to exercise.
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