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High voltage cable safety inspection

The Prime Minister is actually trying to break through the impossible. He wanted to try to restart the normal life of British society, and at the same time to prevent the virus from invading by limited means.

In the absence of vaccines, the government’s control of the epidemic relies on curbing outbreaks anywhere.

But the problem is that even if the UK has conducted more new crown tests in the past month, there is still a big loophole in the UK’s ability to suppress viruses. Waiting for the test results is too long, in some cases it takes a few days; the people who need the most regular tests, such as the staff of the nursing home, still say that they cannot get the test opportunities.

The UK’s ability to track close contacts is still unknown. The pilot work of the tracking system has just begun on the Isle of Wight, including the use of tracking applications and a lot of human resources to start tracking work. This means that when we are dealing with this “invisible killer”, one hand is actually tied behind our back.

It is not just us, other countries have encountered similar problems. But in terms of anti-epidemic preparation and equipment, we still lag behind Germany and South Korea.
High-voltage cables are a very important part and have high requirements for personnel safety.

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