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High-voltage cable on x-ray machine

Recently, many customers have received inquiries about our high-voltage cables. Most of them are mainly repaired and replaced. Some of our high-voltage cables cannot be used due to moisture. Our high-voltage cables are made of tin-plated copper. Tin plating can prevent copper from being oxidized when exposed to the air to form a layer of patina. The poor conductivity of patina will increase resistance. The patina of food containers may be harmful to the human body. Therefore, tin plating is mainly to prevent copper from being oxidized.
Our high-voltage cables are 75kv and 90kv, and the conventional models are 6 meters, 8 meters, and 10 meters. The length can also be customized. It is mainly used to connect X-ray machines and high-voltage generators. CT and other equipment can also be used.

high-voltage cable

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