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How should high voltage cables be installed

The installation of high voltage cables requires some special safety and technical requirements. Here are the general installation steps:
Ensure compliance with safety standards: Before installing any electrical equipment, be sure to understand and follow local electrical safety standards and regulations to ensure a safe and reliable installation process.
Master cable specifications and requirements: understand the specifications, capacity and requirements of medical high-voltage cables to ensure correct selection and use.
Measure dimensions and distances: Before installation, measure the required cable lengths and required paths, and make sure there is enough space to accommodate the cables. Considering the layout and installation environment of the medical equipment, ensure that the cable installation path does not create excessive bending, pulling, or other stresses.
Prepare the installation location: determine the installation location of the cable, and clear and prepare the installation platform or bracket. Ensure the stability and durability of the platform or stand.
Installation: install the medical high-voltage cables step by step along the required path. It is best to avoid putting it together with other power or signal lines to prevent interference or cross-interference. Make sure the cables are properly connected and secured in place, and follow the cable’s installation guide and manufacturer’s instructions.
Insulation treatment: According to the requirements of the cable, insulation treatment is carried out to increase its safety and electromagnetic compatibility.
Conduct testing and acceptance: After the installation is complete, conduct the necessary testing and acceptance of the cables to ensure that they are installed and connected in good quality, with no leakage or other problems.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: High voltage cables are a special kind of cables that need to be installed and connected by professional technicians. During the installation process, be sure to follow the relevant safety standards and regulations to ensure the quality and safety of the cables. If necessary, please seek professional advice and assistance. If you have any questions about this product, please contact us. Whatsapp:+86 18953613955. Email:
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