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How thick is the high voltage cable

There are many types of high-voltage cables, which are used for medical and industrial equipment. The thickness, size, specifications and withstand voltage values are also different. Customers should know the purpose before purchasing.
Weifang Huading Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. provides medical high-voltage cables with two withstand voltage values of 75kV and 90kV. The length can be customized to meet the use of various types of DRX-ray machines, CT machines, C-arm X-ray machines and other medical X-ray machines. For connecting high voltage generators and bulbs. According to different models, our high-voltage cable plugs can be customized with elbow styles. The high-voltage cables provided by Huading Electronics can provide spare parts for the maintenance and replacement of hospital X-ray machines, and can also provide production supporting services for X-ray machine manufacturers. And the cables, plugs and sockets of high-voltage cables can be sold separately to meet the different needs of customers.
The selection of high-voltage cables mainly depends on the withstand voltage parameter and plug size. The diameter of our conventional ,high-voltage cable plug is about 34mm.

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