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Medical high voltage cables are used on those machines

The main function of the high-voltage cable is to connect the high-voltage generator and the bulb to supply high voltage to the bulb so that the bulb can emit X-rays.
The high-voltage cable mainly consists of two parts:
(1) Conductive core wire
The innermost layer of the high-voltage cable. Each core wire is composed of multiple strands of fine copper wire, covered with insulating skin. Insulation requirements: withstand 50Hz, 1000V AC test for 5min without breakdown. The second heart is designed for single-focus X-ray tubes, and the third heart is dedicated to bi-focal X-ray tubes. (There is insulation between the core wires)
(2) High voltage insulating layer
Outside the core wire, it is the main insulating layer of the high-voltage cable, which is made of rubber and chemical raw materials, and the thickness is between 4.5-13mm. It has good mechanical strength and toughness, can be bent within a certain range, and the pressure resistance requirement is generally 50-200KV.
At present, high-voltage cables can be widely used in CT machines, C-arm machines, double-column film machines, sickle-arm X-ray machines, and gastrointestinal machines.
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