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How to apply high-voltage cable insulating silicone grease

The high-voltage cable is mainly connected to the tube of the X-ray machine and the high-voltage generator. The joints of high-voltage cables are filled with insulating silicone grease. The function of filling insulating silicone grease is insulation, anti-creeping, lubrication and moisture-proof sealing.
Silicone grease is used to lubricate the interface when making the high-voltage cable connector, which is convenient for installation. At the same time, it can fill the air gap of the interface, eliminate corona and isolate dust, and avoid short circuit due to dust entering.
The silicone grease applied to high-voltage cables has the following advantages:
1. Excellent electrical insulation and chemical stability.
2. A wide temperature operating range, the consistency changes very little with temperature and never solidifies.
4. Excellent lubricity and airtightness, compatible with most plastics and rubbers.
5. Excellent water resistance, weathering resistance, weak acid and weak alkali resistance, extremely long service life.
Use a clean soft cloth dipped in absolute alcohol to wipe the connector surface of the high-voltage cable to ensure that there is no oil and impurities.
Use an injection gun, a brush or a plastic rod to evenly coat the insulating silicone grease on the surface of the insulation layer of the high-voltage cable connector.

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