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Hunan customers inquire about high voltage cables

Hunan customers saw the high-voltage cable promoted by Weifang Huading Electronics on a sales platform and left a message for consultation. The customer introduced that they are a personal hospital, and now there is oil leakage at the connection between the tube and the high-voltage cable of a certain brand of fixed DRX light machine, and asked how to repair it.
We reply to the customer that the general bulb rarely leaks oil. The high probability is that the internal insulation epoxy resin of the high-voltage cable plug is aging and leaking oil. You can choose to replace a high-voltage cable to try first. The customer asked how to choose a suitable high-voltage cable. After knowing the customer’s X-ray machine model, it is recommended that the customer choose a 90kV high-voltage cable, but the length needs to be confirmed again. The customer replied that the measured high-voltage cable is about 4 meters, reminding the customer to measure The data is not accurate, it is best to refer to the parameters of the cable itself, and then determine the configuration. The customer asked how to operate the replacement, and sent the customer a high-voltage cable installation video, explaining that it is not difficult to replace the high-voltage cable, but it is still recommended to find a special electrician to operate.
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