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HV cable is a kind of high voltage cable

A high-voltage cable (HV cable) is a cable used for high-voltage power transmission. The HV cable includes a conductor and an insulation layer. The HV cable should be completely insulated. This means that they have a complete rated insulation system that will include insulation, a semi-enclosed layer, and a metal shield.

In all applications, the insulation of HV cables must not deteriorate due to high-voltage stress, electricity generated by ozone discharge in the air, or tracking. The HV cable system must prevent high-voltage conductors from contacting other objects or persons, and must contain and control leakage currents. The design of HV cable joints and terminals must control high-voltage stress to prevent insulation breakdown.

The HV cables we produce are mainly used in medical applications. They are mainly used with X-ray machines, CT and DR. Its main advantages are:

1. HV cable can be used to connect X-ray tube and high voltage generator.

2. HV cables can be customized to suit different applications.

3. HV cable can provide two connection methods of straight end elbow.

4. The length of HV cable can be customized.

5. HV cable accessories can be ordered separately.



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