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Introduction of high-voltage cable components

The high-voltage cable connects the bulb and the high-voltage generator, and generally includes a coaxial cable; 2-insulating layer; 3-semiconductor layer; 4-metal mesh; 5-protective layer.
1) Protective layer
It is the outer layer of the high-voltage cable, made of soft plastic or black veil fabric.
2) Metal mesh layer
It is braided with multiple wires of copper, steel and tin wire, and it is grounded during use to protect personal safety.
3) Semiconductor layer
A layer close to the outside of the insulating rubber layer, which looks like a rubber layer, is darker and softer, and has certain electrical functions. It can provide a channel for induced charges, eliminate the electric field between the outer surface of the rubber layer and the metal mesh layer, and avoid them The aging of the insulating layer caused by the discharge due to the presence of air.
4) Main insulation layer
Used to isolate the high voltage between the core wire and the metal grounding grid.
5) Core wire
Generally, there are two concentric core wires used to transmit anode current or filament heating current. The voltage between the splines is very low, so the insulation layer between the concentric core wires is very thin.
A common fault in the use of high-voltage cables is breakdown at the end of the cable.
Introduction of high-voltage cable components

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