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Libyan distributor ordered our high-voltage cables

The Libyan dealer contacted us through the website, saying that our high-voltage cables can replace Claymount, and it is very necessary. We ask the customer what specifications of high-voltage cables they need. The customer claimed to quote a price first, but the customer did not specify the specifications. We don’t know whether the customer needs 75kv or 90kv, and we don’t know how long the cable is, let alone what equipment the customer uses. So tell the customer, it is recommended to ask what kind of machine the end customer is? What was the original cable specification? Is it 75kv or 90kv? What is the length of the high voltage cable? What is the tube voltage of the bulb? The customer should confirm with the terminal first, and then contact us after confirmation.
The next day, the customer said that it has been confirmed that it is 90kv10 meters, and 10 pieces are needed. After we quoted, the other party said they could accept it, and they paid directly. Customers are satisfied with our services and think we are professional.
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