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Material of high voltage cable

Medical high voltage cable is a key component used in medical equipment, which can withstand high voltage and transmit electrical energy. Therefore, the cable needs to use high-quality materials. Now, we will introduce the common materials of medical high voltage cables:
1. Engineering plastics: Engineering plastics are widely used in medical high-voltage cables because they can withstand high pressure and high temperature and protect the cables from physical damage. In addition, engineering plastics also have good chemical resistance, which can prevent cables and the surrounding environment from being corroded.
2. Cross-linked polyolefin: Cross-linked polyolefin has excellent insulation properties and can withstand stable current under high temperature and high pressure. The material also has good flame retardant performance, which can ensure the safety of the cable.
3. Rubber: Rubber material is also widely used in medical high-voltage cables, mainly because it can withstand a lot of stretching and compression under high pressure, and it also has sealing performance and waterproof performance.
4. Medical silicone: Medical silicone is a high-temperature material that can maintain the performance of the cable itself under extreme temperature conditions. The material is also resistant to high pressure and high temperatures, making it ideal for use in medical devices.
In conclusion, when selecting a medical high voltage cable material, it must be ensured that it can withstand high voltage and high temperature, while being chemical resistant, waterproof and flame retardant. The above materials can meet these requirements, and the application range of medical high-voltage cables has been widely expanded.
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