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Functions of high voltage cables

1.8kV and below are low voltage cables; 3.6KV~35KV are medium voltage cables; 35KV~110KV are high voltage cables; 110~220KV are UHV cables. At present, wires and cables have been widely used in the medical industry, mainly for the transmission of energy or data signals. The cables used in medical equipment and instruments may be used to provide current, data signals, or both functions at the same time. The demand for medical high-voltage cables is increasing with the development of science and technology and medicine. Due to the particularity of the medical field, the requirements for medical high-voltage cables are also quite special. At present, the shielding effect of most cables on the market is relatively poor, which is easy to cause interference to medical equipment and image diagnosis results. The cables used for medical equipment work in an environment with large temperature fluctuations for a long time, and the general operating environment temperature is -60°~180°, which puts forward strict requirements on the temperature resistance of the cables. In addition, medical cables cannot use toxic substances.
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