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Medical X-ray high-voltage cables for replacement use

Everyone is curious about the medical X-ray high-voltage cable used for replacement. The following editor will talk about the medical X-ray high-voltage cable.
First of all, let us popularize the knowledge of medical X-ray high-voltage cables. High-voltage cable is a kind of power cable, which refers to the power cable used to transmit between 1kv-1000kv, most of which are used in power transmission and distribution. Its function is to send the high voltage output by the high voltage generator to the two poles of the X-ray tube, and send the heating voltage of the filament to the filament of the X-ray tube. Generally used in medical applications, such as X-ray machines, DR, CT, etc.; used to connect X-ray tubes and high-voltage generators; can be customized to suit different applications; can provide two connection methods of straight and elbow; the length of the cable can be Customized; and cable accessories can also be ordered separately! Our high voltage cables mainly have two voltages: 75 kV and 90 kV, and the corresponding bulb voltages are 125 kV and 150 kV.
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