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The customer asked about the maintenance precautions of the high voltage cable

Today, the customer called to inquire about the high-voltage cable. The customer’s high-voltage cable was damaged due to improper maintenance. He wanted to buy a new high-voltage cable from our company for use. The customer said that they were a private hospital and wanted to buy a high-voltage cable to connect the X-ray machine. So I recommended nk-75kvdc high-voltage cable for the customer, and then the customer asked about the maintenance skills of the high-voltage cable.

There are many reasons for the damage of high-voltage cable, such as long-term dampness or long-term ultraviolet radiation, which causes rubber aging, insulation strength reduction and breakdown, poor quality of high-voltage cable, uneven thickness around rubber layer and core wire, careless cutting damage during assembly, erosion by gasoline and transformer oil, rubber expansion, insulation reducti on and breakdown. In view of the reasons for the damage of the above high-voltage cable for tube, the followingrescribes some matters that should be paid attention to when repairing the high-voltage cable and the methods to prevent further damage in the future. Therefore, we need to pay attention to methods during maintenance to prevent damage to high-voltage cables.

For high-voltage cables that have been used for a long time, the root of cable plug base is bent due to aging and cable quality. Therefore, the parts of breakdown often occur in those places where the force is bent. During maintenance, a steel sleeve can be added on the upper end of the plug base to reduce the breakdown damage caused by the force bending of the cable root.

The insulating rubber layer and the inner wall of the cable plug shall be clean without any dirt, and the possible moisture shall be blown away by the electric blower, and then the welding shall be carried out.

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