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Customer wants to buy our company’s high voltage cable

Recently, I received a call from a customer, Hebei Province. The customer wanted a straight head high-voltage cable, asked if we had any goods, and replied that we have some in stock. The customer asked the specific parameters of the high-voltage cable, and asked if the conductor was tinned copper? The inner conductor of our product is tinned copper. And we can customize the length here. The customer finally chose the 12 meter long high-voltage cable, and then introduced the meaning of the cable head to the customer.

The cable head is the part connecting the cable and other electrical equipment. The middle head of the cable is the part connecting the two cables. The cable terminal head and the middle head are collectively referred to as cable accessories. The cable accessories can operate safely for a long time as the cable body, and have the same service life as the newheek high-voltage cable for High voltage generator

Good cable accessories shall have the following properties: good core connection, mainly small connection resistance and stable connection, able to withstand the impact of fault current, after long-term operation, the contact resistance shall not be greater than 1.2 times of the resistance of the same length of the cable core body, and shall have certain mechanical strength, vibration resistance and corrosion resistance; in addition, it shall be small in volume, low in cost, and easy to install on site 。 The insulation performance of cable accessories is good, the insulation performance of cable accessories shall not be lower than that of cable body, and the dielectric loss of insulation materials used shall be low. In terms of structure, the sudden change of power plant in cable accessories can be improved, and specific measures to change the distribution of power plant can be taken.

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