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The customer raised their own questions about the high voltage cable

A customer called. The customer wanted to buy a batch of high-voltage cables, but he didn’t know much about high-voltage cables, so the customer explained the relevant knowledge of high-voltage cables. High voltage cable types mainly include self-contained oiling cable and extruded insulated cable. Since the 1980s, with the development of cable manufacturing technology and the improvement of fire prevention and environmental protection, cables have been more and more widely used. Oil filled cable has been used for a century, and its technology has been mature. Its long life and high reliability make it still in the leading position in the field of high voltage. And the customer needs the high-voltage cable of the X-ray tube

For high voltage cables, we mainly focus on wires on poles and cables in underground pipe network.

Cable crushing caused by thermal expansion of the cable can cause breakdown. When the load of cross-linked cable is high, the core temperature will rise, and the cable will be heated and expanded. At the turning point of the tunnel, the top of the cable is on the supporting elevation. Under long-term and heavy load operation, the cable will be seriously twisted, which will cause the supporting facade to squeeze the outer sheath and metal sheath of the cable, and squeeze into the cable insulation layer, resulting in cable breakdown.

Abstract: in the process of cable production, the common problems are eccentric insulation, uneven thickness of insulation shielding layer, impurities in the insulation layer, protrusions in the inner and outer shielding layers, uneven degree of crosslinking, cable damp, poor sealing of cable metal sheath, etc. in some cases, faults may occur in the completion test or shortly after commissioning, most of which are cable systems The form of defect in the system. This has a serious hidden danger to the long-term safe operation of the cable.




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