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The main function of the protective layer of high-voltage cables is to

What is the main function of the protective layer of high-voltage cables? The answer, of course, is that the role of the cable cover is to protect the cable.
X-ray high-voltage cables are divided into (1) coaxial type and (2) non-coaxial type. In order to facilitate manufacturing and processing, non-coaxial X-ray high-voltage cables are mostly used at present, and their composition and functions are briefly described as follows. (1) Conductive core wire It is located in the innermost layer of the X-ray high-voltage cable. Each core wire is composed of multiple strands of thin copper wires and is covered with insulating rubber. (2) The high-voltage insulating layer is located outside the core wire and is made of natural rubber and chemical raw materials to insulate the high voltage of the core wire from the ground. 3) The metal shielding layer is braided by tinned copper wire, wrapped on the semiconductor layer, and welded with the plug at both ends of the cable to prevent the operator and the subject from being injured when the high-voltage cable is broken down. 4) The protective layer is the outermost layer of the cable, generally woven with black cotton yarn and vinylon thread, and its function is to strengthen the mechanical strength of the cable. In order to ensure high-voltage insulation and convenient installation and disassembly, the X-ray high-voltage cable is made into a detachable form. Both ends of the X-ray high-voltage cable are equipped with high-voltage plugs, and the high-voltage transformer and X-ray tube are equipped with corresponding sockets.
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