Why do high-voltage cables need metal shielding? - Newheek X ray Cable

Why do high-voltage cables need metal shielding?

In the process of X-ray use, we often use high-voltage cables. If we can cut the high-voltage cables and see the cross-section of the high-voltage cables, we will find that the high-voltage cables are much more expensive than the ordinary cables we usually use. A metal shield. So why do high-voltage cables have metal shielding layers?
The role of these shielding layers is functionally to improve the electric field in the high-voltage cable, to uniform the electric field, and to prevent partial discharge. At the same time, this layer of shielding layer can also protect other adjacent lines from being affected. In addition, if the cable is worn during use, the current can be exported through the shielding layer to prevent electric shock.high-voltage cable

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