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The manufacturer consults our high-voltage cables for replacement

Recently, I received a customer’s inquiry about our high-voltage cable. The high-voltage cable used by the customer was damaged. I want to find a replaceable high-voltage cable from me. After understanding, the customer is a manufacturer of X-ray machines. Send the customer the product information of the high-voltage cable produced by our company, and learned that the customer’s high-voltage cable is damaged by aging, and the most direct cause of the aging failure of the wire and cable is the breakdown of the insulation due to the degradation.
Manufacturers’ manufacturing reasons are divided into three categories: high-voltage cable body reasons, high-voltage cable joint reasons, and high-voltage cable grounding system reasons. The reasons for the manufacture of the high-voltage cable body, generally, the problems that are likely to occur in the high-voltage cable production process are insulation eccentricity, uneven insulation shielding thickness, impurities in the insulation, protrusions on the inner and outer shields, uneven cross-linking, dampness of the cable, and metal sheath of the cable. Poor sealing, etc., some of the more serious conditions may fail during the completion test or shortly after commissioning. Most of them exist in the form of defects in the high-voltage cable system, causing serious hidden dangers to the long-term safe operation of the high-voltage cable. But if you choose our high-voltage cables, you don’t need to worry about this problem. We have been a manufacturer of high-voltage cables for more than 20 years.

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