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What are the advantages of high voltage cable?

High voltage cables (HV cables) are cables for high voltage power transmission.

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The high voltage cables include conductors and insulators that are suitable for operation underground or underwater. This is in contrast to overhead lines that are not insulated. Different types of high voltage cables have many applications in instrumentation, ignition systems, and AC and DC power transmission. In all applications, the insulation of the cable must not deteriorate due to high pressure stress, ozone generated by discharge in the air or tracking.
Introduction of x ray High Voltage Cable

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The advantages of Newheek’s High voltage cable are as follows:
√ For medical applications, such as x-ray machine, DR, CT etc.
√ From basic radiography systems to high performance systems.
√ Customized for highest flexibility.
√ Complete product range.
√ Every cable length available.
More preferably, Newheek’s High voltage is used on medical x-ray machines. This is convenient for more X-ray machines.

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