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What is the role of high voltage cable on C-arm?

Newheek’s high voltage cable is an important accessory on the C-arm. C-Arm is a medical imaging device based on X-ray technology that can be flexibly used in various operating rooms in the clinic. This name is derived from a C-arm for interconnecting an X-ray source and an X-ray detector. The C-arm includes an image intensifier called a generator of the X-ray source and a flat panel detector.

high voltage cable

Newheek’s high-voltage cable can be connected to the tube and generator on the C-arm. Two high voltage cables are required on the C-arm. Newheek’s high voltage cable is available in 75kv and 90kv models. Typically, a 90kv high voltage cable with a 150kv x ray tube; a 75kv high voltage cable with a 125kv x ray tube.

In addition, Newheek’s high-voltage cable connectors are customizable, and the length of the HVC is also based on customer needs.

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