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Why do X-ray machines need high voltage cables?

In modern medicine, the development of various disciplines is interconnected. For example, when we use X-ray machines, we need to use high-voltage cables, so why do we need to use high-voltage cables instead of ordinary cables?
First of all, we must know the principle of X-ray machine. X-ray machine is generated by the kinetic energy of high-speed electrons hitting the metal target surface. Of course, the current technical means have extremely low conversion efficiency. The conversion of kinetic energy to thermal energy is wasted.
So how is such a huge kinetic energy generated? This requires high-voltage electricity as an energy source, and for transmission of high-voltage electricity, only high-voltage cables can be used. Generally, cables cannot undertake this important task. Therefore, in the X-ray machine, it is necessary to Use high voltage cables.High Voltage Cables

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