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X-ray high voltage cable can be used for CBCT guidance

Recently, a company consulted our company’s X-ray high-voltage cable. They are doing CBCT guidance. The X-ray high-voltage cable needs to be bent during the scanning process, so the design has a drag chain. Does your X-ray high-voltage cable have instructions? Does it support repeated bending? There is a rotation around the outer circle of this treatment device, the frequency is very low, the diameter of the entire drum is 2000mm, and it runs 500 times a day. The red place is used as the cable entrance, and then the red is the zero point along the drag chain to do plus or minus 270 Reciprocating motion, tell the customer that our X-ray high-voltage cable can also be on the CT. It can be bent repeatedly. Under normal circumstances, the X-ray high-voltage cable used on the CT will be replaced in about half a year. It is recommended that you first buy two X-ray high-voltage cables. Do a fatigue test on the cable, because each brand of equipment is used differently, so it is impossible to generalize. The life of the X-ray high-voltage cable is related to the rotation speed, angle, and frequency of use of the equipment. Generally, the newly developed equipment needs to be tested by buying a sample of the X-ray high-voltage cable. As long as the X-ray high-voltage cable is damaged, there is leakage , The equipment will protect itself. If this happens, replace the X-ray high-voltage cable in time.

X-ray high voltage cable

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