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X-ray high voltage cable price

The X-ray high-voltage cable is an important part of the X-ray machine, which transmits high-voltage electric energy and ensures the machine
A key component for the normal operation of the machine. When purchasing an X-ray machine, the price of high-voltage cables has also become one of the important factors that users pay attention to. So, how are X-ray high voltage cables priced?
First of all, for the material of X-ray high-voltage cables, copper or aluminum are commonly used conductor materials. in,
Pure copper conductor cables are often more expensive than aluminum cables, and they need to be selected according to actual needs and budget when purchasing. In terms of insulating materials, the current mainstream insulating materials include rubber, polyolefin, fluoroplastic, etc., and the prices of different materials are also different. At the same time, the thickness of the insulating material also has a certain influence on the electrical performance and service life of the cable. Therefore, when purchasing high-voltage cables, the material and thickness of the insulating material need to be considered.
Secondly, the length and diameter of the cable is also one of the factors that affect the price. Generally speaking, the longer the cable length, the higher the price accordingly. The diameter of AC cables is generally larger than that of DC cables, so the price of AC cables will be relatively higher for cables of the same length.
In addition, packaging and transportation costs will also have an impact on the price of high voltage cables. Different suppliers may use different packaging methods, and shipping costs vary according to the distance the goods are shipped. Therefore, when purchasing high-voltage cables, you need to pay attention to the supplier’s packaging and transportation methods, and understand the corresponding costs.
In general, the price of X-ray high voltage cables is affected by many factors. When purchasing, users need to comprehensively consider factors such as cable material, length, diameter, insulation material and thickness, as well as packaging and transportation costs. Through reasonable selection of materials and selection of reliable suppliers, users can obtain more economical and affordable high-voltage cables.
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