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X-ray high voltage cable processing technology

The X-ray high-voltage cable processing technology refers to the processing technology for the high-voltage cable connecting the X-ray machine high-voltage generator and the X-ray tube. X-ray high-voltage cables are composed of conductors, high-voltage insulation layers, and plugs.
The processing requirements for X-ray high voltage cables are as follows:
The X-ray high-voltage cable conductor is the innermost layer, which is made of tin-plated copper with a nominal cross-section of 1.8mm². It can conduct good conduction while preventing oxidation and has a long service life. Outside the conductor is the X-ray high-voltage cable insulation layer, composed of rubber and chemical raw materials, with a diameter of 14.7±0.3mm. It has good insulation properties, and has certain mechanical strength and toughness. It can be bent within a certain range and can withstand pressure. The requirement is generally 50-200KV. When installing the X-ray high-voltage cable, it is necessary to apply silicone grease or insulating oil to the X-ray high-voltage cable plug to insulate the air and reduce the discharge to the shell to prevent the plug from breaking down.
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