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X-ray high voltage cable Special customized cable on pulse modulator

X-ray high-voltage cable is an important bridge connecting high-voltage generator and bulb, don’t underestimate it is just a high-voltage cable, it is an indispensable accessory!
Recently, an electronic company in Chengdu consulted 75KV high-voltage cable head + high-voltage cable holder. They are used for high-voltage power supply. They need to use high-voltage cable head + high-voltage cable holder. High-voltage cable is not needed for the time being. Then, what is the insertion life of the head and the seat, they often have to be plugged in and out frequently.
The detailed high-voltage cable information of our company has been sent to the customer, and according to the customer’s needs and the corresponding quotation.
After reading the information of the high-voltage cable, the buyer said that three high-voltage cables are needed.After a while, the technical staff contacted me and sent the drawings. They were used on the pulse modulator. Previously, they provided them with a complete set of high-voltage cable plugs and high-voltage cables. Socket and high-voltage cable. The high-voltage cable has a pressure ring on the socket. We have sent pictures and videos of our existing high-voltage cable head, high-voltage cable holder and pressure ring to the customer. The customer said that it is best to press the high-voltage cable holder. Ring sleeves are also available for them. The pressure ring and flange seat in the high-voltage cable holder are produced together. This is made by the equipment manufacturer of the high-voltage generator, and we only make high-voltage cables.
The final customer determined that the plug of one end of the 90kV high-voltage cable was normally encapsulated, the other end of the bare wire, and a white socket. The high-voltage cable was 10 meters long.
Newheek specializes in the production of various X-ray machines and components. X-ray high-voltage cables are just one of the accessories. Our company can also accept special customization. If you have special needs, please contact us.
X-ray high voltage cable Special customized cable on pulse modulator

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