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X-ray machine high voltage cable installation method

As an essential and important part of X-ray machines, DR, CT and other equipment, high-voltage cables must be stopped immediately once oil leakage or ignition is found, and repaired and replaced, otherwise it may cause equipment damage or safety accidents, resulting in heavy losses . Be sure to purchase a new cable that meets the voltage requirements before replacing the high-voltage cable. If the tube is 125kv, the high-voltage cable can be used with 75kv. If the tube is 150kv, the high-voltage cable can be replaced with 90kv. Before purchasing, be sure to check the voltage of your equipment, the length of the cable, whether the plug is a national standard plug, the number of wire cores, etc. Otherwise, it may not match and cause it to be unusable.
When you receive a new cable, be sure to check whether the length is correct, whether the plug is the same size and specification, whether the cable sheath is damaged or cracked, etc., and clean it to prevent discharge from impurities. Apply insulating silicone grease to the high-voltage plug and insert it slowly into the socket of the ball tube. Make sure the contact of the plug is aligned with the hole in the socket, otherwise it cannot be installed in place. After the plug is inserted, tighten the screw of the pressure ring. Conditional pressure ring There are two screws at the bottom to fix the pressure ring to prevent the pressure ring from loosening due to back and forth movement, causing the plug to arc. In the same way, the other end can be inserted into the high-voltage generator, and the power-on test is normal and available.

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