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Mr. Shi consulted our high-voltage cables

Today, Mr. Shi from Shandong asked about the high-voltage cables used by the X-ray machine. Said their customers need 75KV16m high-voltage cables to replace the damaged high-voltage cables on the machine. I told the customer that because the 16-meter cable is not our regular production length, it needs to be customized, and the maximum time is one week. Mr. Shi said that the price made him very favorite, and he contacted us after inquiring about the equipment from various sources in the industry. Because the customer is anxious to use the equipment, he hopes that our company can give priority to its production and establish a long-term cooperative relationship in the future.
We at Newheek currently have two types of high-voltage cables used in X-ray machines, one is a conventional national standard plug cable, and the other is a high-voltage cable with 4 contact pins that can be replaced. Conventional cables have three contact pins and can be applied to most types of X-ray machines. The 4-pin cable can replace the Claymond CA11 high-voltage cable. The length of the high-voltage cable can be customized, and there are two specifications of thickness.
We in Newheek are gradually increasing the scale of high-voltage cable production lines. If you need our high-voltage cables, please contact us.

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