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Several common problems often encountered in the use of high-voltage cable failures

Nowadays, as an indispensable and important role of people’s lives, electric energy is everywhere and everywhere, and it is also an important promoter of economic development. At present, the transmission of electric energy is mainly based on power cables, which connect power generation, transmission and use. The role of the bridge connection between electricity is to ensure the flow of large-capacity loads and to be tested by high-voltage cable. In order to ensure the implementation plan for the flat operation of the power system, the design process and manufacturing process of the cable are very rigorous. Below is our Comprehensive high-voltage cable fault finding situations, and share with you several common causes of high-voltage cable faults.
The quality of the high-voltage cable itself is one of the reasons for the failure of the high-voltage cable. According to our analysis of the cause of the high-voltage cable failure, some local units purchase low-voltage high-voltage cables to save costs. When put into operation, some high-voltage cables will cause varying degrees over time. According to the survey, although low-cost high-voltage cables are also made of copper core technology, in addition to using recycled copper, some high-voltage cable manufacturers add other metal elements, and their electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity are much worse. Affected by comprehensive factors, it will lead to high-voltage cable failure.

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